XTC Dive Center


Welcome to Xcalak to Chinchorro Dive Center (XTC) we are located in the small fishing village of Xcalak (pop 400 strong). It is the southernmost town on the Mexican Caribbean, 1 mi north of the border with Belize and within the limits of the Xcalak Reef National Marine Park.

Historically Xcalak has had very strong family and trade relations with San Pedro, on Ambergris Kaye, making Xcalak the logical gateway to/from Belize (a beautiful 1 hour boat ride) instead of the long bus route through the mainland.

Xcalak is at the tip of a peninsula that borders the Caribbean sea to the east and Chetumal Bay (or Corozal Bay for the Belizeans) to the west, Boca Bacalar Chicho River to the south and Río Huach river and lagoon system to the north, with an extremely eco-diverse eco-system made up of coral reefs (16 miles of protected, undeveloped coast), mangrove rivers, lagoons, bays and wetlands that make for a nature lover´s paradise, and most definitely a quaint, laid back fishing village.

We are a full service PADI dive shop, a DAN Business Member and a TDI Tehcnical Diving Center. You can come get training or join one of our dive trips on one of four boats, and be catered to by our staff, all experienced PADI instructors or local captains, very familiar with these waters to make sure you have a fun, safe, experience.

Additionally, we have access to the Chinchorro Banks, the largest, oldest stand alone reef on the northern hemisphere, a Biosphere Reserve protected by the Mexican government and candidate for UNESCO World Heritage site designation. There are only four boats who have a permit to dive there, with the busiest day having 24 divers on the atoll, which is larger than Cozumel Island. We are fortunate enough to work with local fishermen who have lived and fished in these waters for generations and that are now our dive captains. Ocean lore here is everywhere.

There are several budget accommodation options in town, a campground (with a palapa to hang hammocks) and several small beachfront inns that are worth the splurge, our own three star restaurant (owned by two Canadian expats) and several weekly social events that practically everyone attends. Come to Xcalak before we get discovered by the mainstream dive trade, you´ll be glad you did.

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