Dive Little Corn


Nicaragua’s 1st & only 5* dive center!

Nicaragua’s 1st dive shop established over 10 years ago, and now has developed into a 5* PADI dive center not only taking people diving on the untouched reefs surrounding Little Corn island, but also teaching people to dive for fun, guide as dive masters and teach as instructors both diving and non diving activities.

Our center is fully equipped with all new equipment including tanks, weights, belts, BCD’s, Regulators, masks, fins & Snorkels as well as other training and safety equipment. We also rent both snorkeling gear and kayaks.

We have 2 specially designed dive pangas taking maximum 10 – 12 people (max 6 fun divers per DM & 4 students per instructor) including staff keeping our training and certified divers separate as much as possible and the groups small and personal.

Little Corn although small is surrounded by some of the healthest reefs in the Caribbean! we have sights that display Photogenic sponges and corals swarming with marine life to the laberinth of caves and tunnels on the east side of the island. Hammerheads, Reef sharks, Eagle Rays and dolphins are some of the favourite marine animals seen around the island.

Show your Trekcats cards and offer discounts on diving courses and dive packages!

Contact – dlcshopstaff@gmail.com, or divelittlecorn1@gmail.com for enquiries & reservations

Have a Bubbly Day! – DLC Team